Los Angeles Ballet School Cirriculum


Creative Movement and Pre Ballet
(no audition necessary)
This program is specifically designed for preschoolers, kindergarteners and first graders in order to meet the highly specific developmental needs in each of these years. Both classes focus on coordination and musicality, with an emphasis on body conditioning.

Creative Movement (for preschoolers, ages 3 & 4 ): one 45-minute Ballet class a week

Pre Ballet (for kindergarteners and first graders, ages 5 & 6):
1 or 2 classes a week:
1-class Option - Ballet only
2-class Options - 2 Ballet OR 1 Ballet + 1 Jazz

Beginner — Level A
(no audition necessary)
2 or 3 classes a week:
2-class Options- 2 Ballet, OR 1 Ballet + 1 Jazz
3-class Option- 2 Ballet + 1 Jazz 

Intermediate — Level B
(no audition necessary)
5 classes a week
Includes: Ballet Technique, Pre Pointe, and Jazz

Intermediate/Advanced — Level C
(no audition necessary)
8-10 classes a week
For girls: Ballet Technique, Pre Pointe/Pointe, and Jazz
For boys: Ballet Technique, Jazz, and Men's Class

Advanced — Level D
(no audition necessary)
11 classes a week
For girls: Ballet Technique, Pointe, Variations, and Contemporary
For boys: Ballet Technique, Variations, Contemporary, Men's Class, and Weight Training

Trainee Program
(audition required)
Los Angeles Ballet School's 2-year Trainee Program is for male and female dancers who have graduated High School and are at a pre-professional level. The program provides an opportunity to transition from advanced student to professional dancer. Trainees selected for this program will be given the foundation on which to build a professional career, concentrating on perfecting technique and developing artistry. 

Trial Class
Students who are new to LABS are strongly encouraged to take a complimentary trial class prior to enrolling to ensure that each student is placed in the best level for their personal growth and development. To Schedule a trial class please fill out this form.