Los Angeles Ballet School Annual Tuition

Annual Tuition 

Creative Movement: $750
Students attend one Creative Movement class per week.

Pre Ballet (One-Class, ballet only): $750.00
Students must choose one Pre Ballet class to attend per week. Once a class is selected, students may attend that class ONLY. Please refer to the Schedule page to make your selection.

Pre Ballet (Two-Classes: 2 ballet OR 1 ballet + 1 jazz): $1,500.00

Level A (Two- Classes: 2 ballet, OR 1 ballet + 1 jazz): $1,500.00
Students must choose two Level A classes to attend per week.
Once classes are selected, students may attend these classes ONLY. Please refer to the Schedule page to make your selection.

Level A (Three-Classes: 2 ballet + 1 jazz): $2,250.00

Level B: $3,800.00
Students attend five Level B classes a week.

Level C1: $4,000.00
Students attend eight Level C classes a week.

Level C: $4,200.00
Students attend ten Level C classes a week.

Level D: $4,400.00
Students attend eleven Level D classes a week.

Trainee: - Audition only
: $5,500.00 or $5,900.00
$5,500 if paid in full on or before August 25th, 2015
or 10 installments of $590 each beginning August 24th, 2015 and ending May 25th, 2016 .

Los Angeles Ballet School does not provide housing for the regular school year.
There is no Tuition Assistance or Scholarship for the Trainee Program

No class substitutions or makeups.

Please Note: LABS Directors determine class placement for all students in Levels A, B, C, D, and Trainee.

Tuition Assistance

SSS Application Deadline for 2016-2017: July 15, 2016 
Los Angeles Ballet School 2016-2017 Tuition Assistance is limited. SSS Applications for Tuition Assistance must be submitted no later than July 15th, 2016. Document verification is required. Click Here for SSS.